Monthly Archives: February 2015

  • Cerritos Hydroponics

    Customer Event!

    Get out this afternoon and meet Helene from the Green Cleaner team. Samples, knowledge, and good times for all.

    Enjoy the best that the indoor gardening industry has to offer in pesticides, nutrients, inoculum and more. This is the spot to be this Saturday!

  • TJ’s Nursery

    Customer Appreciation Event!

    Come out for a day of fun and knowledge at TJ’s Nursery in Chico, CA. Meet Tim and get yourself a sample of the premiere pesticide Green Cleaner.

    Have spider, broad, or russet mites? Powdery Mildew making your garden look like Christmas morning (anywhere other than the CA)? Get yourself a sample and celebrate with this blend of all natural, concentrated pesticides. The cure for your garden’s ailments.

  • GrowCo Garden Supply

    Customer Event!

    Get samples of the premiere, top-selling pesticide in the industry. Green Cleaner. Straight death, for mites and mildew. Even lays waste to Broad & Russet mites, the ALL NATURAL WAY.

    Get a sample of the last pesticide you’ll ever need

    @ 2055 Oak Industrial Dr NE Suite B Grand Rapids, MI 49505


  • Green Cleaner takes CANNACON by Storm!

    CANNACON  “World’s Largest Cannabis Expo”

    Green Cleaner, the preferred choice among elite growers across California, was the hit of the show. Now, this artisan-grade blend of pest-killing power is spreading like wildfire from Washington to growers around the world.

  • The Hydro Spot

    Customer Appreciation Event

    Stop by and join Helene from team Green Cleaner for a day of knowledge and fun in at the Hydro Spot in Corona, CA. Free samples, education, and food for all that attend.

    Learn about Green Cleaner — the one-two punch of pest-killing power!