• FAQ

    Q- Did the Green Cleaner color change? and why?
    A- The color did change from neon green to a teal blue. Our sourcing for the ingredient Sodium Lauryl Sulfate changed and this is the color now.

    Q- Can I mix green cleaner with other products – i.e. neem oil, azo max?
    A- Green Cleaner should not be mixed with other products when it is being applied. You can however alternate Green Cleaner with other products to establish a well-rounded IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

    Q- Do I need to PH my water before mixing?
    A- You do not need to Ph the water, but please use fresh filtered water. Reverse Osmosis is highly recommended .

    Q- Does Green Cleaner harm trichomes?
    A- Using Green Cleaner (or any product for that matter) late in the flower cycle is never ideal. We do claim it can be used up to the day of harvest, but this does not come without some sacrifice . Rinsing the plants with clean water an hour after application can help minimize the damage.

    Q- After I sprayed with full strength, my leafs curled and shriveled! What should I do?
    Rinse the plants well with fresh, filtered water. Give the plants a couple of days. They will be ok. Reduce the application rate and test on a small area prior to spraying the entire crop again.

    Q- Green Cleaner smells strong like alcohol, what happened to the zesty soap smell?

    A- Our supplier of the ingredient that masked the alcohol scent has changed. The amount of alcohol in Green Cleaner is exactly the same as always.

    Q- How long is Green Cleaner good after mixing?
    A- 24 hours

    Q- When does Green Cleaner expire?
    A- Green Cleaner, in its original sealed package has no expiration date. Once it is opened it is good for a year. Once Green Cleaner is mixed with water it should be used within 24 hours.

    Q- If I use another product and then wait 2-3 days and use your product and then wait a few days and use
    another product is that going to be a problem?
    A- This should not be a problem unless there are already high levels of oil on the plants. Buildup of Neem Oil and a heavy application of Green Cleaner could have negative effects on the plants.

    Q- If that is okay to rotate products, would you recommend foliar spraying off plants and leaves with just water
    in between different pesticide applications with the atomizer?
    A- Yes, you can rotate products. It is never a bad idea to give the plants a rinse with fresh filtered water between applications.

    Q- Can I use Green Cleaner in an atomizer? If so, at what rate?
    A- Green Cleaner works well in an atomizer. Use the same rates that are listed on the packaging.

    Q- Should I rinse my plants after I apply Green Cleaner?
    A- Rinsing is not necessary unless the plants are showing signs of an intolerance to the product.

    Q- Are certain plants more sensitive than others to Green Cleaner? If so, what kind of plants?
    A- Certain plants do tend to be more sensitive to full strength applications than others. Pepper plants tend to have a lower tolerance than tomato plants. Testing a small area of your garden is recommended prior to full application. When it comes to cannabis plants we are noticing that certain strains have different tolerances than others. A list of those will be available soon.

    Q- What application rates do you recommend for more sensitive plants?
    A- Test the product on a small area at 1 oz. per gallon and reduce to ½ oz. per gallon if necessary.

    Q- If I have a bad pest problem, can i use more than what’s recommended on the label?
    A- We cannot recommend using a dilution ratio higher than we have listed. Doing so could result in severe crop damage and or loss.

    Q- Do I need to use RO or filtered water?
    A- RO water is the best. Filtered water at the very least.

    Q- When is the best time to apply Green Cleaner?
    A- Green Cleaner should be applied in low light conditions. Early in the day or in the evening once the sun is no longer in direct contact with the plants. For indoor growing conditions apply Green Cleaner an hour or more before the lights turn on or once the lights are off.

    Q- Can I spray directly on flowering plants? Do I need to adjust my application rates?
    A- Yes. Green Cleaner can be applied during flowering. We recommend using no more than 1 oz. per gallon.

    Q- What’s the best way to apply Green Cleaner during harvest to minimize harming trichomes?
    A- We suggest using more direct/focused applications on the affected areas rather than a broad spectrum method.

    Q- Can I apply to my aquaponic plants?
    A- Green Cleaner works great for the plants. Unfortunately, the product gets into the aquaponics system and harms the life that is necessary in such an eco-system.

    Q- I have a product called transport which the company states can be added to any pesticide (@ half strength)
    and sprayed in the light and that it turns green cleaner into a systemic pesticide.
    Is this something you have heard of?
    Would you recommend d it or not?
    A- We have heard of this. At this time, we cannot recommend this form of application until we have been able to run it through strict testing.

    Q- Is adding a surfactant to green cleaner something that you would recommend or not?
    A- A surfactant is not necessary with Green Cleaner. The product has one built into it already.

    Q- When using Green Cleaner, instructions say to shake well, after shaking well and pouring into 2 oz. cup,
    it is foamy, do you measure foamy or wait until it settles to solid liquid?
    A- Measure the liquid to the desired measurement line. A little bit of foam over that mark should not be an issue.

    Q- How is Green Cleaner used and applied?

    A- Green Cleaner mixes readily with water, and controls a wide spectrum of insects, mites and pests, on the foliage of plants, fruit and nut trees, flowers and crops. Dilute Green Cleaner with water following DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Spray sufficient material to obtain uniform plant coverage. Repeat treatment as necessary to achieve control as pest pressure & foliage area increases.

    Mixing Green Cleaner with water:

    1) Shake Green Cleaner REALLY WELL

    2) Add water to container

    3) Add Green Cleaner to water

    4) Shake REALLY WELL

    5) Keep solution thoroughly agitated during application

    Q- What kind of sprayer should be used during application?

    A-  Any sprayer may be used, but high-pressure sprayers are preferred. We recommend hand held and back pack, pump or machine sprayers. Atomizers and foggers are preferred.

    Q- How long can Green Cleaner solution be stored after use? 

    A- Indefinitely. Just remember to thoroughly mix solution before use.

    Q- What is the expiration date of Green Cleaner?

    A- There is no expiration date.

    Q- How often should I apply Green Cleaner?

    A- Every 1-2 days for treatment. Once per week for maintenance and prevention.

    Q- Where can I purchase Green Cleaner?

    A- In your local Indoor Garden Store. Ask your preferred shop for availability.

    Q- Are samples available? 

    A- Ask your local store for samples and availability.