Strepto Force

  • Strepto Force


    -Streptomyces Nigescens

    -Beneficial Bacteria
    – Safe & Easy Application
    – Commercial-Grade
    – 100% Concentrate
    – Anytime Use From
    Germination to Harvest

       Strepto Force is a high concentration of the beneficial bacteria Streptomyces Nigrescens. When applied, the bacteria will grow on the plants roots and leaves, living off the plant’s by-products, keeping your garden happy and green. Strepto Force will also aid in plant growth. From start to harvest, it is suitable for use in all organic gardens and hydroponic systems. Strepto Force is water soluble and can be applied via foliar application, hand watering or through drip systems.

    Available in 2 oz. 18 oz. and 54 oz. sizes.

    Ask for Strepto Force at your local garden supply center!



    Strepto Force can be used in soil, compost teas, and hydroponics. Works with all nutrients and supplements.

    Application Rates:

    Compost Tea additive: 1/5 teaspoon per gallon of water (1 tsp. per 5 gal.).

    Direct Soil Fertilization: 1/5 teaspoons per gallon