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    I am a structural and ornamental pesticide applicator for the University of Colorado. Last Spring, I was having trouble with spider mites on Iochroma plants (Solinaceae) in the research greenhouse. My usual miticides weren’t working well enough. And if I sprayed insecticidal soap too much, I would get phytotoxicity on the leaves. I was running out of options and panicking. Mites were running wild on the plants the day following a big spray of miticide. I could only use a limited amount of Ultra-Fine oil on the plants. I asked around and was finally put in touch with Green Cleaner. I tried it out on the research plants (at 1 fluid ounce per gallon) and had great success controlling the spider mites (also killed white fly, thrips, powdery mildew and aphids). I had never had such a tough spider mite problem before and Green Cleaner sure saved the day.

    Being EPA exempt, I had the flexibility to use it often enough to get the mites under control without any risk of phytotoxicity. I was using insecticidal soap once a week and getting phytotoxicity. But I was using Green Cleaner up to three times a week and never had any problems with leaf damage. I have used GC on a wide variety of ornamental and edible plants and never seen any phytoxicity.

    Some of my research greenhouse plants are 10 feet up in the air and the greenhouse is pretty full. I mix up to 15 gallons of spray at a time to get good coverage on all the leaves on all the plants in the greenhouse. I get completely soaked by Green Cleaner spray solution by the time I am done spraying but don’t have to bother covering up at all. It smells good but there’s no lingering odor on plants or clothes.

    The other fantastic use I found for Green Cleaner is as a Ready-To-Use contact spray in all the greenhouses. I have some mixed up in a hand spray bottle ready to use the instant I see a plant pest while scouting. Green Cleaner is EPA exempt so easier and more flexible to use in the greenhouse.

    If I’ve just left an area with bad spider mites, I can spray down my backpack, shoes, hair and clothes to prevent spreading spider mites to other clean areas.

    Green Cleaner seems most intended for mites; however, I am impressed how effective it is on

    scale insect. I saw it kill adult scale that I sprayed on a leaf and left to check on later (eventually dried up and flaked off leaf without being touched). Works best to scrub off the scale with a toothbrush while you are spraying the plant and the area around it. Really kills the crawlers; you don’t always have to scrub.

    I am using Green Cleaner at home and in the greenhouses on a regular basis.